iNet2 Demo Video                                                        Wednesday 10 June  2009


Hello, I’m Ernie Johnston with iNet2.   I want to share with you a mock up of an exciting concept we are perfecting that radically improves communications.  What you will see is just the tip of the iceberg.  Many more services can be built upon it.

 We are demonstrating:

Wireless data to most modern Laptops and NetBooks to surf the web.

Low Cost Wireless Data for SmartPhones and PDAs

Mobile Video to portable devices, SmartPhones & Laptops

Even Home Video, take your Set Top Box & TV to Tailgate Parties


If this Set Top Box resembles a video game system, that’s because it can be.  The very same box that plays games can stream video - and user generated content to your Television - wirelessly.

The tip I mentioned is municipal wireless, but not like any you have experienced.  Our service has huge capacity.  Using the latest version of Wi-Fi, data rates start at 6 – hundred - megabits per second, -both directions, - increasing to 1000 as the technology evolves.

Wireless cell sizes are shrunk dramatically compared to a mobile phone, which creates two advantages.  First, individual site equipment is much smaller, reducing costs and impact.  These look like motorist aid call boxes without the phone, as seen on your left.  They are placed about 400 feet apart, the distance from this unit to the white vehicle a few houses away.  Second, decreasing the coverage area further increases the capacity available per user, as cells are replicated more often.

This much capacity and many cell sites requires a fiber backbone.  The very same fiber needed for Fiber-to-the-Premises and Advanced Video Services, such as Network Digital Video Recording and a week of Video-On-Demand for every channel.

Our system takes investment out of wireless which only serves Mobile and integrates it with Fixed services which need attention, to deliver all services over one network.

 We believe that by seeing this concept in action and the equipment needed to bring it into being, you have a better grasp of our ideas.