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3 Things to Compete

A company needs to do three things to successfully compete as a third player with the telephone / cellular and cable companies duopoly: 1) Innovate, 2) Deliver Value and 3) Respect the Customer.

Innovations this competitor needs to offer:

1)     Lower cost mobile data service

2)     FttP to bring wondrous services to consumers, but also needed to support mobile data

3)     Convergence between Fixed and Mobile so that Any Service is available Any Where on Any Device that supports it.

As the Telephone-Cellular companies spend billions of dollars to build 10,000 big, ugly towers that will shrink cell sizes by 33% for medium range, medium capacity Long Term Evolution systems, customers continue to object to these monsters.  Another obstacle these companies face is getting fiber connections to the sites.

Cellular companies are eliminating their unmetered data plans for capped limits just as data growth is about to skyrocket, which will curtail use and new applications.  How can mobile data follow the lower cost, improved performance curve that computers have long enjoyed?

If cell sizes were shrunk even further than LTE to short range, high capacity Wi-Fi 802.11n standards and placed on a Fiber-To-The-Premises (FttP) deployment along traffic-ways, the towers would almost disappear as solar-powered motorist aid call boxes without the phone.

Mobile data prices would plummet and convergence of services would soar.  Rather than new services being suppressed for lack of capacity, many will flourish because of much lower costs.

Services that would benefit from this high capacity municipal wireless offering include:

        Mobile Cable TV & DVR, even HD

         Mobile Internet Video and User Generated Content

         Mobile Internet Data

         Mobile Internet Radio

         Mobile Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

         Mobile Gaming

         SmartGRID Metering and Control

         Security Monitoring

         Homeland Security (Public Video Surveillance)

         Public Safety Communications

         Traffic Monitoring and Control

         Location Determining and Tracking

         News Remotes

There is a better way to communicate and iNet2 wants to develop and build this system.  Get the word out.  Let everyone know so we can connect with the funding needed and serve the consumer.
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