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Tu 5 July 2011

Independence and Freedom

As I reflect on yesterday's Independence Day holiday, I realized that consumers want to be Independent of cable, cellular and phone companies that limit their use of Data, both Fixed & Mobile, by various miniscule caps and want Freedom from worry of onerous overage charges, by either throttling or just small incremental charges. They want to use a SmartPhone, Laptop and Tablet without additional charges for each. If consumers had more capability at a lower cost, they would find ways to use it, spurring increased demand. Applications such as On Demand / Over the Top Web Video and Mobile Video / Conferencing come to mind.

The only way a reasonable supply can be delivered using today's technology is with Fiber, to the Premise and to the Cellular Tower site. Also cell sizes need to be shrunk to enable greater wireless capacity through using both shorter distances and more often replicated cells, requiring even more Fiber placement.

This change has a beneficial side effect. If cells were reduced to Wi-Fi range size and placed along the Fiber we need to bring marvelous services to our homes, Mobile devices of all types would have access to the same services where we live and we would have the capacity for anything else imaginable, both Fixed & Mobile. There would be just one network to deliver all our services, not a disparate cable or phone network and a cellular system. The cost of capacity would plummet and some high data usage users could even see a reduction in their bills. The cell sites would be small enough to blend into the landscape and these huge, ugly towers would be a thing of the past.

The incumbents with their huge financial investment in the status quo are unlikely to create this change. An independent company such as ours is left to forge the way. Follow us "To Infinity and Beyond!"

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