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25 May 2011

FttP Deployment is an Economic Problem

The key to making FttP (Fiber-To-The-Premises, Homes and SMBs) economically viable is the level of revenue per home passed. Sales can be DOUBLED and take rates increased by converging Mobile services, especially wireless data, with Fixed offerings. This means not only delivering Video and Data to Mobile devices like SmartPhones and Tablets, but also using the Fiber network to off load or replace the cellular one.

Some pundits believe that either LTE (Long Term Evolution) or Wi-Fi Femtocells will / should displace the existing system of large towers (see http://delicious.com/erniejohnston ). One of our founders predicted this future in 2006, filing a patent (issued in 2009) that describes a method of integrating a small cell based wireless canopy into a FttP deployment, replacing all of these big, ugly cell sites.

This improves Mobile services by integrating it into a high capacity Fiber, but also greatly reduces the expense of providing wireless data, allowing the operator to drastically reduce the cost to the consumer of the very service that is driving cellular subscription revenue. This symbiotic relationship between Fixed and Mobile creates an unfair advantage for the converged services provider.

What is iNet2 doing to resolve this problem?

We are currently looking for a founder with StartUp experience who has raised Angel or VC funding to round out our team. If you know of someone like this who is EXCITED about the future of communications, please refer him or her to iNet2.Tv. We will then raise capital to build a prototype based on our mockup, videotaped and available for viewing in the tab Wonders. Upon successful completion of the prototype, we will search for locations eager for our service.

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