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Tu, August 30, 2011

Radio Frequency Exposure

On August 24th, I walked into the room where my wife was watching The View on TV. The hosts were discussing cell phone radiation in general and lawyer Johnny Cochranís death due to a brain tumor specifically. I began my career as an Electrical Engineer working on early 800 MHz radios to be used in this new cellular service. Also I still am an Extra Class Amateur Radio Operator (Ham), so I know one or two things about Radio Frequencies.

I got to thinking, what can we as an industry do to mitigate RF exposure?  There are two things in particular that cause the power output of our handhelds to climb, distance from the tower and obstructions. And if we have those handsets held against our ear as we are talking, much of that radiation is entering our heads and impacting our brains. I donít know about you but I am reluctant to stick my medulla oblongata into a microwave oven REPEATEDLY. And Iím not likely to put my cell phone up to my ear for long periods of time. The body is a miraculous organ that can recover from abuse IF it is infrequent. Fortunately for many of us, the time we are most likely to be on the phone as it is transmitting is when we are surfing the web and holding the phone at armís length, at least from our cranium.

Still, what can be done? First we can shrink dramatically the distance from the cell site to the user. That is impossible you might say. But is it really? The advantage of much smaller cells is that the shorter the distance, the lower the power level for a given capability. That means that the radiation also attacking our brains would be lower because it has a shorter distance to travel to the site. Regardless of your position on the health issue, lower emissions will extend your battery life. Much smaller cell sites would be much less expensive than the big, ugly towers we have erected and now need more of as we convert to Long Term Evolution and need smaller cells anyway. (Though in total, the cost is about the same.) These cells would physically be much smaller, about the size of a motorist aid call box without the phone. They could be placed along the roadside in the Right of Way at property lines and tucked out of view. How much more visually appealing are short poles than MONSTER towers, even if there are many more of them? The aggregate cost is about the same but the environmental impact is greatly reduced.

But being capable of high capacity means that each and every cell needs to be fed with fiber. Serendipitously this is the very same fiber we need to bring the Wonders of Communications and Entertainment to our homes, which is exactly where we need wireless services many times. Consumers are starved for the fiber that will deliver the imagined and unimaginable Video and Data services we desire to our homes and Small to Medium-sized Businesses. DISCLAIMER: I have been issued Patent US7831250 on this System and Method.

There is a second scenario that causes cellphone radiation to soar, using them inside buildings requiring the connection to penetrate various materials to reach the tower. With the network already extended into subscribersí homes and businesses, it takes little effort to include a small cell site in the terminating equipment. Doing this eliminates most of the obstruction, allowing the phone to reduce output power and again extend battery life.

So by using pico-cells placed close together and closer to the places we use our phones, feeding them with the fiber we all need for communications and entertainment and placing a small cell inside structures where it can also offer managed wireless services, the radiation our brains receive when we use phones can be reduced and our health risks mitigated, while our communications improved and total costs lowered. This is the Win-Win-Win effect of advanced technology; a Win-Win-Win situation for all involved.

What can you do to help? We are currently solidifying our founding team. We will then raise an Angel Investment to build a prototype based on our mockup, videotaped and available for viewing in the tab Wonders. Upon successful completion of the prototype, we will search for locations eager for our service. If you know of an Angel or Micro-VC fund that is passionate about Fiber-To-The-Home and creating a great company built on Innovation, Value and Respect for the Customer, then please have them contact Webmaster (at) iNet2 (dot) Tv. Thank you.


Tips for Avoiding Cellphone Radiation

1. Talk less, Text or Surf more

2. When you do talk, do so with a corded or cordless headset OR Speakerphone

3. Refrain from using it with low received signal strength (1 or 2 bars) for extended periods

4. Let the calls go to Voice Mail and then pick the message up (all listening, little talk)

5. Avoid using in enclosed metal spaces like elevators that trap the radiation


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