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Thursday, July 08, 2010

                                    4 Problems, 1 Elegant Solution

Telecommunications is facing four different problems that can all be addressed with one solution.  They are:

Profitably deploying Fiber-To-The-Premises (FttP)
Getting Fiber Optics to an ever increasing number of Mobile Cellular sites, both old and new
Converging Fixed and Mobile services, and finally
Easing the connection of Entertainment Devices within a location.

Each of these problems requires Fiber Optics in some manner.  How do we solve them?

First getting FttP deployed is the foundation of our telecom reinvigoration.  It is needed for better TV Viewing and faster Internet Speeds.  Oh, and local phone service can be bundled in for next to nothing. FttP is faster, safer, more reliable and has greater capability than any other system. A plethora of old and new services will be unleashed upon its implementation.  The key to encouraging deployment is to expand the use of FttP for additional services synergistically such as SmartGRID Metering and Control, Homeland Security (Public Video Surveillance), Public Safety Communications and Traffic Monitoring and Control so that more revenue streams are captured to support its costs.

One huge need is for cellular backhaul to quench our growing thirst for Internet delivered Information and Entertainment on wireless devices such as the iPhone, IPod Touch or iPad and their alternatives.  A general purpose FttP network could deliver Data and Video to and from cellular base station sites much less expensively than dedicated facilities.  This method would allow providers to reduce the costs of Mobile Data which in turn would spur additional consumption.

Once Fixed and Mobile Information and Entertainment are delivered on one FttP network, they can be converged so that all services are available on any device capable, regardless of its location.  The bandwidth hog of Video can be delivered to SmartPhones and Laptop Computer type devices wherever they roam, on the street, in the park or at the office.  You should only have to pay for each service one time to enjoy it where ever.

With Information and Entertainment delivered together over one network, they can be distributed that way within the premises.  It will only be necessary for a device to be connected to the network to integrate with other systems.  A Video Display would detect programming on the network and make it available for display while the Audio portion is fed to a receiver for amplification and reproduction.  As devices require less power they can be supplied over these same connections.  (This method of power dispersion may be the optimum distribution of next generation efficient, local solar or wind generated stored energy systems enabling a gradual conversion to a greener lifestyle.)  The impact ripples through our future.

This future starts today with the funding and building of a FttP network that will enhance our lives forever.  iNet2 wants to serve consumers and Small to Medium-sized Businesses by doing just that.  Browse our web site to discover how.

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