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What is iNet2?

Tu, August 30,2011

Our Pitch: iNet2 will provide the ultimate telecommunications experience - fixed and mobile everything* with unlimited capability and speed, while solving the convergence problem, initially for consumers and Small to Medium-sized Businesses in the northern Atlanta suburbs, at near competitors bundled rates.

iNet2ís design is a Fixed and integrated Mobile open standard packet-based platform that carries Video, Audio including voice (telephony) or radio, and Data and mimics the Cable TV feature set and more! iNet2 will fully converge these three services so that everything* is available on and between the HDTV, the Laptop, the Tablet and the SmartPhone devices.

Examples of the services we will offer are Fixed and Mobile Cable TV, including every HDTV channel, every local broadcast sub-channel and up to 200 hours of the most recent programming from every channel On Demand. Also available will be a wireless mobile data canopy, mobile Voice Over Internet Protocol and Fixed Broadband Data at ten times capability currently being developed by the incumbents.

We have identified over forty services we think consumers would want.  They are listed in our Executive Summary ( .doc , .html ) and on this page,  iNet2 - What Do We Mean by Everything? (.doc , .html)

We will invite our customers to submit ideas. We are confident that whatever they suggest, we can deliver.

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