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Who Will Build iNet2?

Our management team is:

Jeff Davis – General Manager – Mr. Davis expects that iNet2 will be made into a profitable business before the fifth year. Managing the finances of a new business that will be building a new type of communication infrastructure may seem like a dauntingly huge and complex task, but with over a decade of experience in financial and engineering industries he has every reason to feel confident. The financial plans and budgets he managed at CheckFree Corporation were as complex and detailed as anything he will be called on at iNet2.

Ernie Johnston – Chief Envisioneer – Even if Mr. Johnston weren’t a 27 year veteran of AT&T, and the inventor of the system on which iNet2 is based, that connects the fiber optic network to the Wi-Fi blanket service, he would still be a revolutionary. In Mr. Johnston’s eyes, iNet2 is the future. It will make the world a better place. This is not just for the customers. The iNet2 network will offer opportunities for existing service providers to provide their content cheaper and more reliably than they currently do. Services that don’t even exist yet, will become possible once the iNet2 network is built. Mr. Johnston will have no competition in business, only potential partnerships.

Ernie Johnston, Mariendia Williams and Jeffrey Davis

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