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Why iNet2?

Convergence (the seamless melding of Fixed and Mobile, Live and On Demand, Video, Audio and Data) makes a third competitor to the Telco-DSS / Cable providers viable. The genesis of iNet2.Tv, which stands for the new Fixed and Wireless Internet2 merged with the bandwidth hog video was to justify the business case of installing Fiber To The Premises using service convergence and accelerate its accomplishment.

What we discovered is that by integrating wireless into the distribution for physical convergence on top of it, we can offer a bundle of all communications for current prices, but with greater capability, to deliver the long tail of everything (.doc , .html).

But why would users want Fiber To The People?
Better Quality HDTV
All Broadcast Subchannels
More Video on Demand (a week of EVERY channel)
Much Faster Internet

or Wireless Internet?
Casual Web Browsing
-Locations and Directions
-Presence, Messaging and e-Mail
-Comparison Shopping
-Product Evaluations
Mobile Entertainment
-Cable TV
-On Demand Entertainment
-Out of Area Entertainment
-Internet Radio / Streaming Audio-Video
-Downloading - Songs, Videos & Ring Tones
Driving Down Cellular Phone Costs thru VoIP

and Convergence?
Viewing Computer Audio / Video on TV / SmartPhone
Viewing Internet video on TV
Viewing Internet movies
Eliminating Home Phone with a Cell Phone that always works at home

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