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Delivering the Wonders of Fiber and Wireless Together

We are a true startup company seeking angel capital to build its prototype.  Our pitch is:

The convergence of Video, Audio including voice (telephony) or radio, and Data makes a competitor to the cable and telephone companies possible.  The lack of innovation exhibited by these companies demands it.  Past experience shows that competing with the same technology is only mildly successful.  Today's networks have not kept up with Moore's and Metcalfe's Laws.  There is a vastly superior and flexable alternative.

For this Fiber-To-The-Premises to make significant progress it must offer innovations only it is capable of, services that make customers say "WOW, I must have that!" iNet2 will deliver exactly that through the wonders of a single fiber and wireless network. Everything you have heard or dreamed about TV, the Internet and Wireless, we will make to come true.

iNet2 will offer not just Video On Demand, High Definition and much faster Internet speeds, but truly captivating services such as a week of Network DVR for every channel, the channels customers have already paid for on their laptops and smartphones, convergence, user generated content and locally originated programming.

By integrating wireless with fiber, iNet2 can deliver faster and lower cost wireless data service, Mobile TV, Radio On Demand, empowering the SmartGrid & location determining and tracking (presence).

We are a true startup company seeking to build its prototype. Once launched, our network can be used to rapidly provide ingenious new services from us or third parties.

Interested in learning more?  Our Executive Summary is here.  Or click on one of the links on the left.  Best of all, you may view a video of the service mock up we put together.  Click the link or picture below.

iNet2 Demo Video - 04m03s

Text of Our Video Script

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